Sunday, May 11, 2008

I, Claudius - film and book

Well, it's a TV adaptation from 1976. I think this will keep us occupied for a week or more, since there are around a dozen episodes.

We watched the first couple last night, and I found them much more understandable than the Robert Graves book. The book reads a bit like an academic treatise with bits of gossip intermingled, and the huge number of characters, with their many marriages and interrelationships is difficult to follow. In the TV version with Sian Phillips as evil Livia, and Derek Jacobi as Claw-claw-claudius, things are clearer. So I'm going to read the book alongside the film.


bibliobibuli said...

i watched this on TV when it was first on and was totally hooked - living from one episode to the next. (i was a student at the time and watched it in our halls of residence). read the books later and loved them, but maybe because of the programmes.

aliqot said...

I don't know how I missed it first time round, bogged down in young children, teaching, and trying to change society all at the same time, I guess! Still, I'm catching up with myself, slowly.