Saturday, June 8, 2013

Voice of the Fire by Alan Moore - a review in episodes . . .

I downloaded this after visiting Thomas Tresham's unfinished summer lodge, Lyveden New Bield, earlier this month.

June 7 2013:
I started reading last night, and am finding the first section pretty hard going. The idiosyncratic representation of the language and thought processes of "a half-witted man-child",  as Neil Gaimann describes the narrator of this section almost gets in the way of what he is saying. I'm hoping it doesn't go on too long. So far it reminds me , but only a little, of Thursbitch by Alan Garner, which I love.

June 9th: I'm still struggling through this bit, and not sure how much of the story I'm following. Keep skipping pieces and getting annoyed with the syntax. 

June 10th:
I skipped all of that bit - not sure the next section is going to grab me either. Things can only get better - I hope.

September 15th:

I think I shall not return to read the book.

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